EasyGayChat is the dating site for Canadian gays, men who want to have sex with each other, whether they’re gay or bisexual, looking for great love, or just for express plans. A multitude of offers are available on EasyGayChat, whatever your nature: naughty or virile.
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Finding the ideal partner is everyone’s dream:

Whatever type of relationship you are looking for, there is surely someone waiting for you on EasyGayChat. Want to meet a guy for a hot night and say bye bye in the early morning? Or no, definitely getting off with a stranger is no longer your thing and you are looking for a true friendship where complicity and tenderness form a winning duo. But maybe you’re that great romantic looking for love. You will find on EasyGayChat enough to satisfy your needs as much as your desires, your fantasies as much as your dreams.

What is the ideal partner?

Everyone dreams of meeting him, but in the end few of us feel that we have found him. If the ideal partner knows how to be discreet or even shirk us, it is nonetheless there, present somewhere and perhaps closer than we think. There are as many ideal partners as there are members on our dating site. Physics, character, qualities, if each one defines his ideal in a completely personal way, there are criteria which do not deceive. Beauty, intelligence, humor, elegance and generosity will always be top values. It’s up to you to get an idea, the simplest being still to go out to meet others.

Internet, or the secret of a successful meeting:

More and more Canadians are going online to meet people. The Web has become a breeding ground for contacts that allow you to meet different profiles of people from very diverse social backgrounds. No more waiting, from your home you surf on your favorite dating site to chat for hours on end to get to know each other or just time to meet. Guys like to multiply partners just to have fun or while waiting to find their lover.

Free gay chat:

EasyGayChat’s gay chat instantly connects you with random gay cameras. There are thousands of men online waiting to meet you for a gay video chat. You can use the basic features of video chat for free or you can upgrade to access all the features. EasyGayChat is the best place to meet men from all over the world using your webcam.

How to use gay webcam chat:

To start using gay chat, press Start and allow access to your webcam to be instantly connected to another random gay camera. Once the video chat is complete, click Next to go to the next unknown.

Gay chat features:

Instant video chat with random men
Lightning fast video stream connection
Connect with men in specific countries
Optimized for mobile devices
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Tips for gay video chat:

Whether you’re looking to make new gay friends or find true love, EasyGayChat’s gay video chat is simple.

Make sure your webcam is on
Be polite to other men you meet
Keep your face visible when you chat
Take a moment to get to know the strangers before pressing Next
Report users who break the rules

EasyGayChat, number 1 for gay dating:

On EasyGayChat you access gay chat for free and for an unlimited period of time, it’s as simple as it is to meet gay on this site! No need to pay to see others, you have free gay webcam. The gay meeting is our goal, everything is done to make the good meeting simply and quickly.

Chat gay dating:

The gay encounter has found its favorite place with EasyGayChat. A large number of members and an active and open gay community, that’s what gay dating is like on EasyGayChat. In order to make the most pleasant meetings, the EasyGayChat team developed a system of profiles and internet messaging. Each member has a profile so that we can better know him and his expectations: if a member seems to match you, it is quick and easy to contact him: by messaging you can leave him a message if he is not online on gay chat. Gay dating for your enjoyment.

Free gay chat man on gay chat

Finding men on the Internet who want to have sex on camera couldn’t be easier. Using our gay chat feature, you will see all the users of our gay site grouped together in one place. You won’t have to worry about seeing girls on camera here; only men. Keep in mind that gay XXX webcams are a great way to experiment with your sexuality. So that some heterosexual men or even curious bisexuals can use this site to have fun without anyone being aware of it since it is completely anonymous.

EasyGayChat is proud to present a targeted virtual gay community for men who just want to have sex on camera without any commitment. You don’t need to create a profile or discuss your hobbies in life before you have fun. When you use our gay sex chat you will go straight to the action where most men want to strip and see you naked.

Finding men on the Internet who want to have sex on camera couldn’t be easier. Using our gay chat feature, you will see all the users of our gay site grouped together in one place. You won’t have to worry about seeing girls on camera here; only men. Keep in mind that sexy gay webcams are a great way to experiment with your sexuality. So that some heterosexual men or even curious bisexuals can use this site to have fun without anyone being aware of it since it is completely anonymous.

EasyGayChat is an alternative to Gay Sex Chat for men who just want to have sex on camera without any commitment. You don’t need to create a profile or discuss your hobbies in life before you have fun. When you use our gay sex chat you will go straight to the action where most men want to strip and see you naked.

100% free gay sex chat man playing his muscles on camera

It’s one of the liveliest gay environments on the web and you can get deep into the fun without having to pay anything and without having to sign up for anything. You don’t need an account to start using our gay XXX cameras; just press the start button. Once you hit the start button, you will instantly start to see other users’ webcams without any restrictions.

Switching from one sexy guy’s webcam to another is not complicated at all; Just press the next button and you will instantly go to another webcam. Our fast servers allow you to switch between users without any waiting time or loss of video quality. You will always see men’s webcams online in full quality without having to compromise the definition of the video source for speed.

Our gay XXX cameras have thousands of users online anytime from anywhere in the world, which really gives you the chance to meet tons of new people. With a diverse virtual community, you meet all kinds of men, including teens (18 and over), curious bisexual men, heterosexual men seeking adventure, mature men and more. The best thing about this is that almost all of our visitors use this site for adult pleasures. This makes it easier and faster for you to have fun with another man without having to court them first.

Jump into the action by pressing the Men button which will take you to a list of Internet users offering live shows. These shows allow a lot of people to watch the same webcam, add it to your favorites, and most of these men will be already naked or about to strip naked on camera. These guys tend to be sexier than the norm, which makes living your fantasies much easier. If you want to switch to a private chat and just meet super sexy men who are offering shows for free, press the Men button. It’s free, so you have absolutely nothing to lose. Give it a try and you will definitely meet men who will help you achieve sexual satisfaction!

EasyGayChat Free gay and chat dating site:

Do you find it difficult to find gay guys like you? Tired of the puritanism of other apps that don’t allow you to put your hot spots in your profile? Are you tired of all these keums that make you go crazy and waste your time in generalist apps? Well, EasyGayChat is for you! Registration is quick and easy, just enter your email and your age for direct access to the gay dating service for gay chat. You can then chat with tons of gay guys connected live to the chat, who like you are looking to meet now or chat.


EasyGayChat An open minded gay chat with the philosophy: Tolerance! EasyGayChat is a site dedicated to free dating. Unlike other sites, we have chosen to diversify our targets,
in particular all sexual and romantic orientations are welcome: GAY – BI – LESBIAN – HETERO – NON BINARY – TRANS – QUEER – PAN – POLYAMOUREUX – PLATONIC LOVERS.

Create unexpected meetings and beautiful friendships thanks to our site. Diversities allow for more enriching and less monotonous exchanges, promoting and improving understanding and understanding with people who are different from oneself.


Love does not differentiate any genre or orientation. Tolerance is the founding value of this dating site.

100% Free Chat:

Free dating site, in Canada (dom-tom) in Belgium, Switzerland, Algeria, Morocco, Canada, and all over the world!

Easy dating:

Make friendly and romantic encounters near you with single men and women from around the world.

EasyGayChat is the number 1 site for online gay dating, its portal created for the homosexual community therefore inherits the popularity of the EasyGayChat brand but also its professionalism and customer service worthy of the name. It has all the functionalities and technical support of the EasyGayChat group such as a smartphone application and even the exclusivity for the moment of an application for the Apple Watch. EasyGayChat features a gay couple, which is rare enough in dating site pubs to be reported.

EasyGayChat also has a section for affinity meetings with a personalized selection of singles according to your personality tests. Preferred site for gay singles looking for a serious and long-term relationship. You will be able to filter the profiles by city, department or region but also take advantage of its network developed in Europe and in the rest of the world to meet people. EasyGayChat also organizes parties and events with gay clubs or even queer music and culture festivals such as Loud & Proud.

Matching sites based on personality tests are quite rare for the LGBT + community, but eDarling Gay is one of them. For gay singles who are looking above all for an accomplice partner for a couple relationship based on the same expectations. We are very far from one-night casual meetings. Everything is done on the site to get to know each other and the members are really looking for a long-term partner. Not serious singles abstain, they would have a hard time finding their happiness on this site anyway.

The members seem quite demanding and ambitious in their professional life as in their love life. The popularity of the eDarling platform in several European countries may appeal to singles who would not be against partnering with a Spanish or a German for example. There is a solid membership base in Canada as well, the site being one of the references for serious dating in the gay community where some singles are tired of the apps for one-night meetings.

EasyGayChat, for ambitious gay singles:

The EasyGayChat site for high-end dating in vogue in Canada also has a special portal for the homosexual community. The principle remains the same: to bring together single people who are involved and ambitious in their romantic and professional lives. Two thirds of the members are graduates of higher education according to a study made in April 2016. Its prices a little higher than the general dating sites do not seem to slow down its popularity because it is placed in the most frequented Canadian sites all categories combined. Nomadic singles will appreciate the dynamism of the site in many countries with a large gay community in North America, Spain or Germany.

No less than 26,000 new members register on its international platform each week. In terms of functionality, Elite Rencontre has done everything to attract this Premium community. It is one of the only dating sites to manually check and approve all new profiles. It also offers real guarantees on your anonymity and the protection of your data. Finally, it brings together all the options of dating sites by affinity such as scientific personality tests and then offers you a selection of gay members who suit you. Surely one of the most complete sites in terms of service offer in the sector, we are in the high end.

EasyGayChat, discretion and coaching in affinity meetings:

EasyGayChat has been the pioneer of affinity dating for the gay community since 2005 and first appeared in Canada. It is very popular in all Western European countries thanks to the seriousness of its tests designed by recognized universities (Bremen, Leicester …) but above all by its coaching team who will guide you on all subjects whether it is the choice of your photos, the method adopted for your contact requests or what to change if you are disappointed with the results of potential partners. It is therefore aimed at an older audience (40 years and over).

EasyGayChat also has an application for iPhone and Android. The moderation is serious and any profile is verified manually, an effort has also been made on data protection with profile photos which are automatically blurred which allows the user to reveal these photos only to the people he wishes by discretion concerns. The EasyGayChat Mag also has interesting editorial content with advice and debates for its members on how to interpret a profile for example and the listing of events for the gay community throughout Europe.

EasyGayChat Dating, for fun relationships between gay singles:

EasyGayChat has managed to become an important site for the gay community because from the start we choose the type of dating we are looking for (Love, Sexy or Gay). The tone is lighter than on generalist websites targeting the homosexual community, most of the members do not seek a serious relationship above all and many are there to enjoy their single life. A large international presence like all of its competitors with, to emphasize, a large presence in South America.

Both the gay version and the hetero version have millions of users and have all the useful features for one-night dating sites such as webcam chat and video ads for example. Its network of partners makes EasyGayChat offer a dating service with various designs and niches. You will therefore be able to navigate on portals which represent different types of meetings while always staying on the same site. This can be interesting for people who want to meet with topics that are out of the ordinary.

EasyGayChat, heavy traffic for transient gay dating

EasyGayChat, with its 140,000 visits per day, managed to rank among the most popular gay dating sites in Canada. It is more in the fun dating segment than serious dating. It also provides several features for meeting people quickly. You will be able from the start to filter the profiles near you thanks to the geo-localized search of its members. The Speedflirt feature, reminiscent of Tinder, also makes it easier to quickly meet photos of members who are scrolling automatically and whether or not you want to be connected.

As you may have understood, we are more in the register of one-night meetings than in the serious relationship on EasyGayChat but if that is what you are looking for, you will find on the portal all the tools to make meetings quickly. As in all sites targeting the homosexual community, the webcam chat function is highlighted. As far as rates are concerned, we are in the middle of the competition with several types of subscriptions which all cost around 30 euros per month.

EasyGayChat, online gay dating for over ten years:

EasyGayChat has a traffic to make the big names in gay dating fade, it is also one of these big names with its million monthly visits (SimilarWeb data February 2016). A basic design but a large community for this site which offers to meet friendly, in love or just for fun. There is also a webcam meeting option and the site also exists in Italian.

Many new members every week for this site which was founded in 2007, being one of the precursors to develop online gay dating. In short, if you want to meet people, with members of all ages, do not necessarily want to be on the most design platform but to meet above all, EasyGayChat may be an option that you will like because all the necessary options are present (chat, email, webcam, profile activity data, etc.)

EasyGayChat, the platform for gay men:

The site is part of the giant Together Networks present in 45 countries which decided to launch its gay platform in Canada EasyGayChat a few years ago with a certian success thanks to a trial offer and simple but effective functions. The gay chat is frequented H24 day and evening. The site also promotes the principle of Safe Dating with numerous recommendations for its members so that they have a successful experience on the platform.

For example, we can cite the “see me, hear me, meet me” technology which allows you to verify that you are not chatting with a false profile while maintaining your anonymity. One can also easily postpone any insulting profile in order to keep a friendly atmosphere on the cat. The site is aimed at gay men who seek any type of relationship even if it seems that the majority of members want above all to meet and have fun.