Meet the person who really suits you

This is why – with the help of its personality questionnaire – puts you in contact only with people whose profiles are compatible with yours. As soon as you get in touch with a potential partner, we let you take control of operations in complete safety, guaranteeing you a completely anonymous service. members

We make every effort to prevent the database from containing members seeking to abuse the service. In the General Conditions of Use, you will find a chapter (Responsibility and duties of the client) which deals with the levels of legality, behavior and respect for the community that members must respect. ONLINE SECURITY SYSTEMS
Our online security systems allow you to manage your anonymity. never communicates your personal data to other members. On the site, you appear exclusively under a neutral identifying number. Your name, email address, telephone number and postal address are hidden and protected by the secure infrastructure of the site.

On the site, members can only communicate through our anonymous contact service. At each stage, only YOU can choose to disclose more personal details to other members (such as your name, email address or phone number).

Likewise, the choice is yours whether or not to display a photo on your profile and to determine to whom you wish to reveal it. If, in fact, you upload a photo to the secure server, only you will determine who can see it. If you do not wish to disclose it to a potential partner in particular, then all you need to do is not disclose it.
Communicating via the PASHIP site – Important points

Do not communicate your personal data too quickly. Remember that the final decision is yours. Do not include your detailed contact details on your profile or in the first messages you exchange with a potential partner.
You can contact / reply to other members via the secure and anonymous contact system. Take the time to learn more about each potential partner and to feel comfortable in your dealings with them. It is up to you to decide if (and when) you want to cross a course – for example, by providing your name, your personal email address or your mobile number.
You can choose to configure an email account exclusively reserved for your online partner search. Free email services like Hotmail for example are ideal for this – and you can choose an email address where your name will not appear.
When you call, consider the fact that a mobile number will give you more flexibility and anonymity. It is also easier to change the mobile number than the landline number. When you call another member, you can type 3651 from a landline or # 31 # from a cell phone before dialing their number, this will hide your call number.
If anything makes you uncomfortable with another member, stop trading. You can instantly delete a profile from your contact list, this means that he / she will no longer be able to contact you from the site. If you detect abuse by certain members, contact us.
Always listen to your common sense and remember that the final decision is in your hands.


We sincerely hope that you will reach the stage where you will want to meet other members, face to face, but, each time, the choice is yours.
When you meet another member, we recommend that you keep the following recommendations in mind:

Meet “on neutral ground”, in a busy public place that you know well.
Arrange for the other member not to pick you up at your home.
Do not leave it to the other member to take care of your trip or hotel reservation.
Inform a parent or friend of your appointment: he / she will be on call for the duration of your appointment.
Tell this friend or relative where you are meeting and around what time you plan to return.
Give her details about the person you are going to meet.
At the appropriate time, call her to tell her that everything is going well.
You can also organize a first meeting with one or more friends, or even go out with a whole group. This group can be made up of your friends and friends from your partner.

You will surely feel like you know yourself well thanks to the emails and phone calls exchanged, but don’t forget that you are always two strangers to each other on the first date.
Don’t accept being taken home if you are not comfortable with this process.
Always have a plan B in mind. If something unexpected happens, make sure you can leave easily, and that there are people around you.
Keep your cell phone with you. Make sure you have enough battery and that it works. You can leave it on for the duration of the appointment, if you wish.
Sometimes it takes time to get to know someone well. If the other person really feels strong about you, they will be able to wait the time it takes for your relationship to flourish.
Always trust your common sense, stay in control, and don’t feel pressured to do anything you wouldn’t normally do.

ABUSIVE BEHAVIORS does everything possible to protect its members from abusive behavior. While we all benefit so much from the Internet, it also opens the door to unscrupulous people who take advantage of it to extort money or personal information from innocent and legitimate website users. Our payment system is completely secure and we constantly monitor the activity of our site to eliminate any attempt at abuse.

Photos that have a professional “look” and on which people look like models.
Emails which do not take your questions into account, but which unfold a pre-established speech, following a structured scheme, expressing an attraction each time stronger for you.
Emails from men or women living in Russia, Eastern Europe or Africa.
In some cases, people living in Switzerland but claiming to be beautiful Russian or Eastern European men or women.
The stories that make “cry in the cottages”: sick parents, recently widowed, who has been robbed, who cannot afford plane tickets or go further in his studies and who cannot cash checks or money orders, only cash.
If the person asks you to please deposit their money in a Swiss bank.
Emails filled with spelling and grammar mistakes.
Emails with no space between the end of one sentence and the beginning of the next (text boxes that appear to have been copied / pasted).
The use of “SMS language” or abbreviations like “l o” or “eske”, etc.
The people who push you to find yourself on an instant messaging service as soon as possible.
The use of sweet little words, a little too quickly after your first exchanges.


Never send money to people you meet on the Internet that you have not even seen face to face.
If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to delete the contact from your mailbox.

If you suspect someone of being abusive, report it to us immediately by clicking the “Report this profile” button located at the bottom of each profile. We will immediately take appropriate action. On, we do our best to help you build your own experience in your partner search, in complete safety. We hope that – supported by your trust and good judgment – will help you find the person who really suits you.