Terms of Use

Terms of Use of EasyGayChat.site – Version of March 19, 2019

By registering as a customer with EasyGayChat.site (whose contractor is PE Digital GmbH, Speersort 10, D-20095 Hamburg, Germany), you accept these T & Cs. These therefore form an integral part of the contract.

Minors (under the age of 18) are prohibited from using this service. The use of the service for commercial purposes is also prohibited.

No registration can be taken into account in case of refusal of these General Conditions.
1 Purpose of the contract

1.1 EasyGayChat.site offers its customers access to an online database during the contract period allowing them to make contact (hereinafter referred to as “Service EasyGayChat.site”). The Service EasyGayChat.site is available exclusively via mobile applications for IOS and Android devices (or other operating systems in the future) or on the Internet, and includes both free and paid services.

1.2 The online database provided by EasyGayChat.site contains so-called profiles, which are filled with photos and information by registered customers. What information is thus collected and how it is visible to other customers is detailed in the data protection policy. EasyGayChat.site offers its service in the countries indicated on the website and allows research and contact beyond the regions.

1.3 The object of the contract is not explicitly the putting in touch with a view to a marriage.
2 Access / conclusion of contract

2.1 In order to use the EasyGayChat.site service, registration is required. For this, the customer must have an e-mail address and a password chosen by him. An identification number (Number) is generated for each customer by EasyGayChat.site following registration.

2.2 The registration establishes a non-paying contractual relationship between EasyGayChat.site and the registered customer which is determined according to the rules of these T & Cs.

2.3 Following registration, EasyGayChat.site also offers its customers various paid services. These paid services are also based on these General Conditions of Use. Before concluding such a contractual relationship, the customer is informed of the content of the respective paid service, its price and the terms of payment. The customer confirms his intention to conclude a contract having for object the paying services chosen by him by clicking on “Buy”. The resulting contractual relationship is established with the sending of the order confirmation email from EasyGayChat.site.

3 Free and paid services

3.1 Registration on EasyGayChat.site is free. Following this, the client answers a scientific questionnaire based on psychological criteria, the so-called EasyGayChat.site test. The results of the test combined with statistical comparison data allow EasyGayChat.site to develop an individual and automated personality report. The personalized profile produced from the EasyGayChat.site test is integrated into the EasyGayChat.site database. The personalized customer profile is automatically compared with those of other EasyGayChat.site customers according to comparative statistical data determining the accounting of personality characteristics of each customer separately. In this way, customers receive free proposals from partners online and by email in the form of a list of proposals from partners. Each suggestion is presented to the client in the form of an anonymized profile (personal file and compatibility rate results) with blurred photos. With this free subscription (also called Basic Subscription), the customer can send predefined messages (for example a smile, etc.). The function of sending free text messages and reading these free text messages is limited during the free subscription.

3.2 As part of its paid services, the customer receives with the conclusion of the paid subscription (also called Premium Subscription) online and by e-mail suggestions from partners corresponding to their search criteria and constantly updated. The list of these suggestions is constantly updated according to the registrations of new customers. In this context, EasyGayChat.site allows unlimited contact between customers on the basis of a mutual agreement. Within the meaning of this contract, a contact is also established when the client accepts a contact request from another client. EasyGayChat.site establishes a detailed assessment of the personality test online in its profile as well as in the form of a full personality report. The personality report is made available to the client in the form of a PDF file by e-mail. In addition, the client can order the personality report separately.

3.3 Additional paid services appear respectively in their current form on EasyGayChat.site under the heading “Prices and Services”. This section also includes an explanation of the contact guarantee provided by EasyGayChat.site in accordance with the product respectively chosen.

3.4 The EasyGayChat.site service is continuously operational, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with an availability of 99.5% on average over the year. From this are excluded the downtime due to maintenance and updates as well as the periods during which internet access is impossible due to technical problems outside the sphere of influence of EasyGayChat.site (force majeure, fault of a third person, etc.). In order to be able to use the EasyGayChat.site service to its fullest extent, the customer must use the most current technologies (in particular with regard to the browser) or allow their use on his personal computer (for example with regard to the activation of Java Script, cookies, pop-ups). In the case of use of obsolete or non-current technologies, it is possible that the customer can only use the EasyGayChat.site service.
4 Use, transmission and retransmission of data

4.1 Our data protection provisions can be found here: EasyGayChat.site/privacypolicy
5 Termination / Renewal

5.1 The customer has the right to terminate the contract for free membership at any time and with immediate effect. The termination of the free membership is done by clicking on the “My profile” tab, “My data”, – “Manage your profile”. In the “Profile status” section, the client can click on “here” and then validate this operation by entering the personal password.

5.2 The deadline for the effective termination of the paid subscription (Premium Subscription) is communicated in the “product clauses” which must be accepted during the ordering process. In addition and following the purchase of a Premium Subscription, the customer will be informed of this termination period in the order confirmation sent by e-mail. The termination is only valid if the termination request is made in writing (by post, fax or e-mail).

To establish the authenticity of the author and prevent any abuse, the client’s termination request must contain the following two information:

(1.) the e-mail address indicated in the profile or the EasyGayChat.site identifier number and
(2.) the password “service”.

The effective termination of the paid subscription does not automatically terminate the free membership. For this, it is necessary to proceed according to paragraph 5.1.

5.3 The contract relating to paid services (Premium Subscription) is automatically renewed if the customer does not terminate his contract by respecting the period for terminating the contract (see clause 5.2). The duration of the renewal as well as its cost are defined in the clauses relating to the product which are confirmed by the customer during the ordering process. When purchasing a Premium Subscription, the customer is also informed in the order confirmation email of the initial duration of the subscription, the initial expiration date of the contract as well as the duration and the cost of its renewal if the termination is not made within the stipulated time.

In the first two weeks following the renewal of the contract, the customer has the possibility of taking the EasyGayChat.site personality test again and of obtaining a new personality report in the form of a PDF file by e-mail.

6 EasyGayChat.site responsibility

6.1 EasyGayChat.site cannot be held responsible for false indications in customer registrations and / or questionnaires. Therefore, EasyGayChat.site assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the personality test results, as well as the contents of the personality expertise for which they were used.

6.2 EasyGayChat.site only provides IT services for the automatic mediation of contacts, not their success. EasyGayChat.site only makes available the technical device which allows – under the conditions stipulated in clause 3 – contact.

6.3 In addition, EasyGayChat.site declines any responsibility in the event of possible abuse of the information. It is possible that customers, despite the ban, use the EasyGayChat.site service in an unauthorized or illegal manner. EasyGayChat.site disclaims all responsibility for such use. EasyGayChat.site also declines any responsibility in the event of abuse by third parties of the indications and information that the customers themselves have disclosed to these third parties.

6.4 EasyGayChat.site does not guarantee correct operation at all times, nor the use and / or permanent accessibility of the service. In particular, EasyGayChat.site cannot be held responsible in the event of a disruption in the quality of access to the service due to force majeure or events not attributable to EasyGayChat.site. In addition, EasyGayChat.site disclaims all responsibility in the event of unauthorized access by third parties to customer personal data (for example in the event of unauthorized access to the database by hackers).
7 Responsibility and duties of the client

7.1 The customer is required to settle the payments due to EasyGayChat.site within the fixed deadlines. If the installment payment is offered and the customer commits a default on more than two consecutive payments, all payment requests that are pending until the end of the contract are due immediately.

7.2 The customer is solely responsible for the content of his registration and the information he makes available for this purpose. The customer guarantees that the data corresponds to the truth and describes it personally. Intentionally misleading indications and / or with fraudulent intent will result in immediate cancellation of the contract and may give rise to legal proceedings.

7.3 The client also undertakes to use the EasyGayChat.site service only for exclusively personal purposes, therefore not to use the service for commercial purposes and not to use the data of third parties for commercial or advertising purposes. . It is not authorized to read the contents of other users in a systematic way (for example using a program or by manual copy) in order to use this data outside the EasyGayChat.site service. It is also prohibited to use programs that allow automatic reading of data, such as a crawler.

7.4 The client undertakes to compensate EasyGayChat.site for all kinds of claims, damages, losses or claims which may arise through its registration and / or participation in this service, provided that the client is in default. This applies in particular to damage resulting from defamation, insult, violation of human rights, failure of services for other customers, violation of these Terms, an intellectual property right or any other right.

7.5 The customer undertakes to treat e-mails and other messages confidentially and not to make them accessible to third parties without the consent of their respective author. The same rule applies to the names, telephone and fax numbers, email and home addresses and / or URL or any other personal data of other customers.

7.6 The customer undertakes to inform EasyGayChat.site immediately if he is no longer interested in partner proposals when he has a partner or for any other reason, or if he no longer wishes to be mentioned for other customers. as a partner proposal.

7.7 The customer is required to consult messages intended for him and his profile data at regular and reasonable intervals and to archive them, if necessary, on his own computer or on other storage media. EasyGayChat.site is authorized to delete without warning messages saved on the customer’s account and which remain unanswered after twelve months after sending or receiving them. As part of a free subscription all data is deleted after twenty-four months following the last connection of the customer.

7.8 In addition, each customer undertakes not to use the service improperly, in particular not to:

disseminate illicit, obscene, pornographic or politically radical data or photos;
disseminate defamatory, shocking or illicit material, or information of this nature;
threaten or annoy other people, or violate the rights of others (including human rights);
upload data to the site
a) containing a virus (infected software), or
b) containing software or any other material protected by copyright unless the client has the necessary rights or agreements;
use the service in any way to negatively affect the availability of offers for other customers;
intercept and / or attempt to intercept e-mails or messages;
send e-mails or messages to other customers for purposes other than communicating and in particular to offer or advertise goods or services to other customers (except in cases expressly authorized by EasyGayChat.site);
send chain mail;
send messages for commercial purposes;
quote names, addresses, telephone or fax numbers, e-mail addresses, etc., in the personal description or in free contact requests, if this information is not expressly requested.

7.9 Failure to comply with one of the conduct obligations set out in clause 7.8 may lead to the following sanctions: invitation to submit observations in the event of an alleged breach of the contract or the law, blocking of use until the clarification of the facts (in particular in the event of complaints from other customers), warning of a customer, limitation / restriction in the use of Service EasyGayChat.site applications, partial deletion of content. Failure to comply with one of the driving duties listed in clause 7.8 may also result in the immediate termination of the user contract, or even legal proceedings (in civil and criminal matters) for the client. Blocking an access has no effect on the customer’s payment obligation for the services indicated in the order.
8 Communication

EasyGayChat.site is an online service. As such, EasyGayChat.site communicates with its customers through the profile when the customer is connected or by e-mail (for example sending partner suggestions, personality report, contract confirmation or invoices / reminders from payment). Communication by fax and by post is possible, provided that these are questions relating to the conclusion of the contract, payment or communication by encrypted e-mail. For the provision of the main services (the online dating service) as well as the conclusion of the contract itself, communication by fax and by post is excluded. For reasons of necessity of authentication and prevention of any abuse, it is necessary that the customer provide the following information in the messages addressed to EasyGayChat.site:

(1.) The e-mail address inserted in the profile or the EasyGayChat.site identifier and
(2.) the password “service”.

The EasyGayChat.site identifier and the service password are allocated to the customer when registering and can be viewed at any time in the “My profile” / “My data” section.

9 Rights of use and copyright

With regard to the client, EasyGayChat.site is the sole legal owner of the rights of reproduction, distribution, processing and all copyrights, as well as the right of immaterial transfer and reproduction of the EasyGayChat.site website, including each of the contents that it includes. The use of all programs and the content, documents, brands and trade names they include is authorized exclusively for the purposes specified in these Terms.
10 Jurisdiction and applicable law

With regard to these General Conditions and for relations between EasyGayChat.site and its users, the applicable law is the law of the Swiss confederation, excluding Swiss conflict law. Are not affected by this choice of applicable law, the legal provisions which are compulsory and more advantageous for the consumer of the consumer’s domicile or usual place of stay. In the event of a dispute, the competent court in Switzerland on the basis of the place and the matter is agreed as the place of jurisdiction.